How to install on Android device  

After install the APK, input the Code. 

This APP can work on Android device from android 4.4 to 9.0 System (include Phone, Tablet or Android TV system) 

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How to run on Mag box 

After purchased let the seller activate your Mac in our server. 

Then please do as below step: Settings—System settings—Severs—Portals—type “URL into Portal 1 URL—then save the portal–then click Reboot portal—then click Reboot device— 

After Reboot the device, you can watch the IPTV. 


Notice: The test code just valid 24 hours, please test within 24 hours. 


  • QHDTV 
    Portal URL:
  • NETV 
    Portal URL:  
  • MOdernlife IPTV 
    Portal URL:



How to run on Samsung/LG TV with Smart IPTV apps 

Please check with Software Run on your Smart TV first 
Notice: Samsung Apps Store was suspending the APPs 

if you need install please go here 

if you already install the on Your TV. 

you will use the Playlist URL. Please notice. this is Paid Software. You should Active your Mac first.

  1. Go to:
    2. Go to My List. Input MAC Address of Smart IPTV APP. 
    3. Copy and paste the URL: 
    4. Upload, you will succeed. do not select save online button .it will be problem 

QHDTV playlist URL: 

NETV Playlist URL:

MOdernlife playlist URL: 


Notice: XXX Means the subscription code.


How to run on iPhone/IPad 


         GSE IPTV